Carabuena Apologizes To Fabros And MMDA

Robert Blair Carabuena, a Philip Morris executive, apologizes on TV while in front of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino,  for his behavior caught on video.

Above is the photo of the letter read by Carabuena.

The motorist is facing charges for assaulting a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic constable.

Initial reports from the MMDA said Carabuena felt discomfort after receiving hurtful comments from several people while he was at the Quezon City Fiscal’s Office for a preliminary hearing on his case. He was later rushed to a hospital after being heckled while attending the court hearing. It was also reported that certain objects, like a water bottle, were thrown at him.

Saturnino “Sonny” Fabros said he is accepting the apology of Carabuena even though they have yet to meet.

The direct assault case filed against Carabuena will push through. There was already a preliminary hearing held last Thursday at the QC Prosecutor’s office.


One comment

  1. You can forgive a person but the case should push through.MMDA should give him disciplinary and drastic action.Punish him according to the law.Cancell his driver’s licence as an example to everyone that no one is above the law.He has a high standard of education and an executive in his job but still he is an idiot.

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