Nobel Prize Winner Akerlof Contradicts CBCP Claims

George Akerlof, a Koshland Professor of Economics at the University of California-Berkeley and 2001 Nobel Prize-winning economist,  contradicted the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ (CBDCP) use of his research in a public statement opposing the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

In the “Science Facts on the RH Bills in Plain Language” article on the CBCP for Life website, the CBCP states “Contraceptives bring about the downgrading of marriage, more extramarital sex, more fatherless children, more single mothers, according to the studies of Nobel laureate, George Akerlof.”

In a written response, Akerlof said, “In my opinion, giving women, whether single or married, the right to choose can only increase the dignity of marriage and its sanctity.”

Akerlof had not previously known that his research, which was on American out-of-wedlock childbearing, was cited in the Philippines by opponents of the RH Bill. He was moved to comment on the issue after being contacted for comment by a freelance journalist who noticed the CBCP’s citation of his research on their website.

When asked about his stance on the bill, he wrote: “I support fully, and without qualification, the bill in the Philippines to promote, without bias, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal.”

“Contraceptives and abortion, in my opinion, make family life richer and more rewarding because they reduce the number of unwanted children, which is bad for the family, and also bad for the children as well,” he added.




    “Contraceptives and abortion, in my opinion, make family life richer and more rewarding because they reduce the number of unwanted children, which is bad for the family, and also bad for the children as well,” he added. —That’s a nobel Prize winner opinion? Abortion will make life richer?i’m disappointed tsk tsk…your views–in my opinion–is as disturbing as those fanatics who supports the killer bill as well. But here’s some truths for you sir, ABORTION is MURDER, plain and simple and it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winner to understand that.

  2. Ezra De Guzman · · Reply

    Abortion is not murder if the fetus hasn’t begun moving – it doesn’t take a Rabbi to understand that, either. Filipinos are about equal to about 1/3 of the US population but crammed into islands whose total land mass is smaller than that of the great state of California. How do you use that landmass to provide homes, farmland and industry for that many people? Even in a micro-setting, how can one expect a child to be raised by parents earning less than $5 a day each? I haven’t seen Catholics selling their possessions to redistribute wealth, and even when we “teach men to fish” (instead of giving it to them) I’ve seen too many who just have no capacity to actually stay focused on learning that let alone make a living out of it.

    If you ask me, while I honestly am against all forms of abortion as like other Catholics I can only imagine the horrible act of tearing a fetus apart with grisly instruments, unlike the Catholic Right I do not count contraceptives as such, still the problem will not be solved by the RHBill. However, since it wasn’t solved by socialist funding – not all people flocked to State universities to succeed, for one; nor have Catholics sold off their possessions to give to the poor, just like the Cardinal’s house in Mandaluyong. The RHBill then is actually a worthy gamble compared to more drastic measures like widespread chemical castrations.

    And before anyone questions how I would feel if I was subjected to that : you can ask anyone and they will tell you that I am not siring children left and right. I’m even staying away from any activity that will lead to that possibility precisely because I am thinking about the future of my hypothetical son – I do not have the money to send him to Cornell like my father was able to send me to Ateneo, but what I do have are genes that dictate predisposition to diabetes, heart disease, gout, and at least two types of cancers. I am not just thinking of my hypothetical children – I am thinking of the entire human race. The next generations needs to be better, stronger and healthier and we cannot achieve that by socialist policies that will enable me to take care of my children by leaching off the State. The previous generation has done that and many have succeeded – which is how these genes of mine got passed down – but obviously not everyone was able to make the most out the (then decent) State-funded education. We must engineer the succeeding generations from the cellular level or our species will not survive.


    Killing a fetus is not murder? Did science plummeted this low? Non observable phenomenon by your puny senses and instruments will bring you the conclusion that IT (the baby) is not alive?….its been used by the Greeks before and it didn’t work. What arrogance are we showing in playing god! Physics 101..any object that we see is at least 99% air. Yup, even that computer you’ve used to type your response. Then you use the principles of the Church’s doctrine to defend your stand. Trust me, you don’t have and idea of what you’ve said about the church. The Church don’t broadcast Her charity work. She –the Church–instituted charity when the world was/were still claiming and robbing each other…for the past 2000 years. I understand that statement of yours “I haven’t seen Catholics selling their possessions to redistribute wealth…” because true Catholics don’t announce them “Don’t sound the trumpet” our Lord said. Sometimes I’m tempted to just for you and others enlightenment. You haven’t “seen”..well as our Lord again said “the flesh and blood profits nothing”..He’s talking about when we use and idolize our puny and limited earthly senses in judging what is good for others and for the world. True Catholics trust God and His Church because He Himself promised that the Church will never make a mistake in this matters. and i’m not referring to the opinions of priest and bishop but the actual stand of His Vicar in Rome. God bless you! (please don’t hear this argumentatively, i can feel a strong sense of love for the people in your statement, I’m not against you at all but the culture that the bill will produce.)

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