CBCP Labels Pro-RH As Potential Murderers

In his latest statement, CBCP President, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said that people who support the controversial Reproductive Health(RH) Bill have the traits of becoming potential murderers. He was quoted in saying “Moral values instilled in people who are in favor for RH Bill can be considered “questionable” as it implies a trait of being against life.”

In an interview, the Bishop also asked their “flock” to withdraw support for politicians who are in favor of the Reproductive health bill and not doing so could have repercussions in the after-life.

According to the Bishops, those who do not adhere to the teachings of the Bishops cannot be considered Catholic. They even questioned the existence of “Catholics for RH”, a group of Catholics who support RH Bill.

Palma also said that politicians who win the elections should strictly adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Bishops.

“Voters should support worthy candidates, determined by us.” Palma said.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines(CBCP) is the only known group that is against the Reproductive Health Bill. Majority of the Catholics, other sects and religion are in full support of this bill.

RH Bill is about family planning, responsible parenthood, maternal healthcare, and sexual education.


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