Garbage Piles Up Along Roxas Boulevard Seawall

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel walk on top of garbage that piled up on the seawall of Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Strong waves generated by typhoon “Gener” flooded a portion of the boulevard and washed tons of debris ashore.

It was just a few days ago that a typhoon and a rare weather disturbance wrought havoc in many parts of the Philippines as “Gener” (international name, Saola) dumped heavy rains for days causing storm surges, floods, overflowing of dams, and power outages affecting millions.

Yet, after being inundated by heavy rain and floods, coupled with class suspensions, we are now overwhelmed in shock seeing garbage pile up along the coast of Manila Bay.

The citizens of the Philippines has commented that the accumulation of garbage is a disgusting reminder to those of us who never care enough about proper waste disposal.



  1. efren c san pascual · · Reply

    kung mawawala sa atin ang pag-uugaling, “o filter lang”, “kapirasong papel lang”, “lata lang ng soft drink”, at sa halip gawin ang tamang gawin, mawawala ang ganitong tanawin sa ating bayan.

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