CJ Nominee Vicente Velasquez Arrested By NBI

National Bureau of Investigation deputy director Ruel Lasala said NBI authorities arrested earlier today lawyer Vicente Velasquez by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by a Quezon City court due to a tax evasion case.

Velasquez is a private practice lawyer. He put up the Velasquez Law Office, which has been around since 1984. Velasquez earned his BS Commerce degree from the UST in 1966. He went to Law school at UP and passed the Bar in 1972. The lawyer immediately posted bail after he was arrested by agents of the NBI Criminal Intelligence Division.

Velasquez, along with Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, was disqualified by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) for failing to meet the documentary requirements in the search for new chief justice.

Velasquez was originally scheduled to be interviewed at 10 a.m. Thursday, while Rodriquez was set to face the JBC 10 a.m. Friday.

Their elimination, which brought the number of aspirants down to 20, was announced on the second day of the JBC’s four-day interview sessions of candidates to the post of Supreme Court Chief Justice.


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